The Yard, Dundee




ARCHITECTURE: Future Building or Project


Chambers McMillan Architects
JM Architects Glasgow


The Yard Dundee


An outdoor - indoor inclusive adventure play centre for disabled children and young people, their friends, and their families, The Yard Dundee will be designed as an enabling environment for all who use it.

The Yard is an award-winning charity running adventure play services for disabled children, young people and their families, offering the chance for creative adventurous indoor and outdoor play in a well-supported environment. The Yard strongly believes disabled children should be offered the same opportunities as their peers to get involved in risky play to help them develop, learn and build friendships and find their own limits. This building will support this process, and has been designed as an enabling environment, where each child or young person finds the spaces they need.

In order to create this place, the design process has the creative workshops at its centre, with the children and young people exploring and creating spaces that they need and want. Large open plan spaces for fast excited movement, and smaller articulated spaces for slow, careful, exploration. All connecting inside and outside in varied ways. Maximising the imagination of children's play, we are designing a fully inclusive building that enable this for all.