‘We Are Explorers’ Furniture Commission for Dundee Science Centre




Direct link: https://vimeo.com/561028343


Design for Good


draff studio


Dundee Science Centre


draff Studio was commissioned by Dundee Science Centre to design and fabricate furnishings which will be used by children as a hub for science, learning and creativity. The Culture Lab in the We Are Exploring zone will be used by local universities to facilitate research regarding the thinking and learning process of children and when not in use will provide a quiet space for young explorers and their carers. The studio understands that the outcome doesn’t need to be complicated and that children can appreciate good, simple, honest design. Inspired by old school classroom nostalgia, draff Studio utilises a mix of quality and innovative material choices to create bespoke furniture additions to the learning environment.

draff Studio is a Dundee based design workshop that champions innovation in materiality. Using locally sourced waste from the gin, whisky and beer industries, the studio has experimented, developed and fabricated a sustainable sheet material which has been incorporated into the design for this project. This sheet material has been used for the interesting textures, pattern and detail intending to attract curious explorers eyes. Birch plywood laminated with an ash veneer is complimented with layers of compressed barley recycled from breweries from within the local area. Using a mixture of traditional and modern methods, the furniture illustrates the merging of modern CNC and conventional furniture making techniques such as material forming. 


This community driven project which values research and design breathes new life into the notion of exploration through play. The studio hopes that through their involvement they can inform the younger generation about the importance of recycling and experimentation in design. From the grain texture to the layered veneer, the detailing and design of the furniture is aimed at encouraging young explorers to look closer and to inspire curiosity in everyday activities.