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Timeless campaign websiteThis brand experience microsite was created as one of the key campaign highlights for the worldwide launch of Bowmore’s Timeless range. With the campaign being brought to life across all channels – from unique physical activations to engagement with artistic films and brand content – audiences were driven to the site via social media to experience the unfolding story of Time and Art that defines the creation of Bowmore’s unique whisky.We worked closely with Artist Thomas Vanz who created content for the immersive film story of Bowmore’s Timeless which sits at the heart of the web experience. The audience explores a unique take on a journey from the beginning of time itself, through powerful moments of mesmerising cosmic beauty that come together for the Timeless experience.The website provides an interactive journey through the main film, and crescendos with the showcase of the special edition whisky. Segments of the film are further brought to life through an interactive and discoverable section of the site, which combines inspiring interpretation with visual and sonic elements to highlight and focus on key moments of the story.The user experience was designed to be as immersive as possible, aiming for significantly deeper engagement than basic scroll-based websites. Visitors to the site are literally invited to step into the film. The experience centres around the idea of depth, as visitors pass through the each area of the website, they navigate through the story of time itself.Working with an agile approach, the website was developed in parallel with the many other work streams for the campaign over a very short timeframe to ensure that brand, experience and content development all connected comprehensively, effectively driving visitors to the Timeless web experience. During these unprecedented times, the website has reached a significantly wider audience than physical spaces allowed for in the immediate term with an experience built around immersive sound, dynamic filmic movement, intense visual imagery and a unique story, which combine to deliver an unforgettable brand encounter.