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The Brief Repositioning a group of passionate creatives is one of the best — and most difficult — briefs an agency can get. Remaining true to their craft, aesthetic and values, as well as ensuring their web presence enhances but still ‘gets out of the way of’ the work, is paramount. SNAP know what they like, and they know what they want. With an unwavering dedication to filmmaking and a passion for telling the real story behind a client’s vision, they have fast become one of the rising stars in video production.Having outgrown their ‘start-up’ identity and entry-level website, it was time to take stock, refresh how they spoke and renew their aesthetic. They asked us for a new digital presence that matched the impact and immediacy of their work.Approach SNAP needed to separate themselves from the run-of-the-mill production houses, and do things differently. We set out to transform them from rather soft and passive to bold and unmissable. At the heart of it, we wanted to showcase their moving image and photography work, and provide an experience that really left an impression on their audience. We knew that the familiar load/scroll/back button user experience would not suffice.So, we chucked away the rule book — creating a side-scrolling website that offers full-browser imagery and video, immersing the user in SNAP’s work. Using minimal, structured screen layouts with an abundance of white space and killer content, the new web experience allows the work to do the heavy-lifting at every opportunity. Keeping it simple and offering the user time and space to digest the content, this desktop-first concept oozes the minimal aesthetic the team believe in. Small and nuanced interactions are embedded throughout — including cursor variations, animated messaging and parallax elements to further enhance UI and UX. Accessible and passionate copywriting, informed by brand discovery sessions, imbues it with SNAP’s distinct voice. ResultsDesigned, built and launched during peak COVID — the new website made an immediate splash on social and gave SNAP space to elevate their work and brand during a difficult period for creative industries.In the months since, SNAP’s digital presence has won them new clients, attracted investment and garnered new business partnerships. It gained recognition from Awwwards for its design and usability and has ultimately positioned SNAP as direct competitors to long-established, larger production houses.