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Rangers Football Club


Proud of a rich history stretching back to 1872, Rangers FC is one of the world’s oldest, most successful football clubs.Preparing for the world’s glare during 2022’s 150-year celebrations, alongside embarking on a radical digital transformation strategy to support growth & fan engagement ambitions, Rangers challenged us with modernising its visual style for a global digital audience while holding true to its heritage.No Club’s brand asset is closer to its beating heart than the badge. We re-energised original visual elements to keep fans & stakeholders on-side, whilst making a transformative impact. We kicked-off the project by restoring precision to the Club’s main ‘Ready’ crest. We redrew the Lion Rampant in his existing position to support Rangers’ ‘Ready’ motto, but with heightened artistic precision to present a far more fierce & relentless quality. This was extended further by developing three versions of the Lion Rampant, including a Lioness Rampant to provide Rangers Womens’ Team with its own sub-identity for the first time.Partnering with internationally renowned typographer & lifelong Rangers’ fan Craig Black, together we explored Ibrox, delving through the archives to craft a custom font, Rangers Display, which perfectly captures Ranger’s heritage and personality. With serif kicks that echo those of the bluebells at Ibrox’s iconic gates, the new typeface also takes cues from Ibrox’s entrance floor mosaic in addition to various letterheads used over the years. Famously and forever blue, Rangers’ colours are part of their DNA. Their existing colour palette has been revitalised to make a strong visual impact in particular across busy digital environments. Replaced by a more vibrant “True Rangers Blue” and red tones, alongside the introduction of a complementary secondary colour palette, the club’s brand identity now stands out regardless of the medium to which it is applied.The new brand identity retains the core assets and heritage of Rangers, whilst modernising and evolving its visual style for a digital era in support of the club’s international fan engagement ambitions.