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Christian Macleod


Aged 16 years of age, a young Christian Macleod dreamt of having a successful career as a pro golfer, little did he know that after only a year of competing professionally his career would be cut short as the result of injuries sustained from a car accident. Luckily for Christian, golfing wasn't his only talent, alongside his primary career he had begun the foundation of what would eventually become a global fashion brand, specialising in the design of belts and accessories.Stckmn was tasked with designing a hardback coffee-table book to mark the achievements of the brand's decade-long journey. The concept behind the design was to create a cover that celebrated the iconic flagship product (the CM buckle and leather strap) and to be reflective in style of a personal journal or diary. To achieve this a 1:2.5 scale belt was produced and integrated into each cover, acting not only as a clasp, reminiscent of those on lockable diaries but on removal it could be worn as a 'wrist belt' by the reader.The outside cover was bound in a black faux leather material to mirror that of the belts with the text and title debossed to appear subdued and hidden only revealed when viewed from a certain angle. Internally, the book visually documents the product collections, campaigns, and brand collaborations through carefully curated photography. Accompanying the visuals are short, digestible narratives from Christian in a 'diary' style format that share his story and experiences using graphical type.Initially designed to be sold commercially, only a small number of the books were produced to be used internally by the brand for presentations and promotional purposes.