Thoughtwell Christmas Card




GRAPHIC: Print design






Thoughtwell’s business audience are primarily creative agencies and so it is important to reflect the organisations capabilities. We wanted to give the agencies something that they would keep long after the festive period. Reinforce the companies brand and ethos. Thoughtwell are a highly creative team who are committed to delivering ground breaking print production. We wanted to mark the festive season with a simple tradition. One that is all about ‘home’. (appropriate given 2020 was the year we stayed at home) Staying in touch has become more important than ever.Over time, Christmas wreaths have come to convey a meaning of ‘welcome’ and ‘Christmas spirit.’ Wreaths are a pretty common sight on a front door. The evergreen branches and the circular shape aren’t accidental. The evergreen, which lives through all seasons, represents continuous growth and life. The circular shape of the wreath represents eternity and the never-ending circle of life.The simple tradition of sending a Christmas Card through the post has never felt more appropriate. And we wanted to celebrate the postage stamp in a way that gives it a prime role within the design.