Chris Smith




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Young Designer of the Year


Reason for nomination

With almost a decade’s experience in the industry, Chris offers a unique blend of multidisciplinary skills, demonstrating a huge talent in both brand design as well as web design and development. He’s been a valued member of the Form Digital team for three years now, and in that time has contributed significantly to the advancement of the company, helping us receive multiple commendations from Awwwards, Mindsparkle, Site Inspire, and the CSS design awards for both design and development. Chris was also pivotal in the design direction and development of the website for our client EC-OG which received commendation at last years Scottish Design Awards.    Chris balances fierce ambition with a discerning eye for detail, whilst expressing an obvious passion for design. Working alongside the team in both Glasgow and Aberdeen, Chris’ enthusiasm and desire to push boundaries for every client brings an unparalleled energy to our studio. His expertise in both brand/print design and front-end development renders him a rare find and we are delighted that he brings his ambition to our team.    Chris’ industry-spanning experience, ranging from engineering to hospitality, has equipped him with knowledge that allows him to confidently embrace ambitious projects, demonstrating an advanced ability to deliver unique, creative solutions for any client. 

Description of work

Chris’ design style is clean, minimal and beautifully executed, and he is renowned for overdelivering on the finer details of a project. This precision extends to every aspect of his work, and as he has turned his hand more closely to UI/UX design over the last year – his experimentation with front-end animation has enhanced the web design for many of our recent projects, producing digital experiences that balance energy with elegance.    When asked what his highlights of the past few years working at Form were, Chris noted a few key projects. Chris was design lead on our latest rebrand project for Recyl8 where we developed a new brand system for the environmental solutions company. This project allowed Chris to oversee every aspect of the project from developing the brand identity, marketing materials and now he’s looking at developing their digital presence for launch in the summer. Another project of particular note Chris mentioned was working in collaboration with NEED thinking on the new website for their client Loader Monteith. Chris worked closely with the team on the front-end build of the site, with a key focus on image and page animations, to create an immersive user experience to further enhance NEED’s beautiful design.   Chris is a motivated, adaptable creative and we look forward to watching him continue to innovate on future projects.