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Too Gallus


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In line with its radical rebrand and reposition Too gallus was enlisted to bring the story of Eden Mill to life through a suite a creative hero assets. With 12 new radically different flavours, all of which are centered around their own story it was our assignment to bring these sometimes fantastical stories to fruition.

The range flexes across magical stories about the forbidden quince and the violent and stormy god of the ocean, Poseidon to historical moments such as Mary queen of Scots and the invention of dandelion and Burdock.

We opted to use our in-house team of 3D CGI artists to bring these vignettes to life, centering the bottle in the scene which speaks to each of the stories in true photorealistic fashion. Each hero visual paints a rich and immersive picture of the feeling and essence of that particular flavour and each is riddled with easter-eggs and hidden delights for those who care to look for them, such as the Key on the Golf gin render which is adorned with the room number which Tiger Woods claims each time he comes to stay.

The suite of assets were employed across social media, website and outdoor advertising and helped immensely in reframing Eden Mill away from a small town Gin to a world leading premium gin offering.