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The Ladyfield Masterplan takes a holistic, aspirational approach to placemaking and is designed to serve the wellbeing of the people that live in Dumfries now and in future. We’re responding to the Scottish Government’s objectives to create nature-focused, sustainable communities through the recently adopted National Planning Framework 4. Ladyfield will promote a sustainable neighbourhood, and a diversity of housing is critical to its success. Homes will be proposed that improve affordability and choice in the local area by being adaptable to changing and varied needs and allow people to age in place, to encourage mixed communities that grow together over time. The heritage of this part of Dumfries is linked to the story of The Crichton, who have been innovating in health and wellbeing for over 150 years. There is a need for development now that takes a long-term, low-carbon view and addresses the challenges of an aging population and the need to retain and attract young working people to the area. The Crichton Trust and the design team have worked collectively with stakeholder partners to develop a strategic masterplan, a process underpinned by community engagement. The masterplan is founded on a series of robust, flexible, and interconnecting strategies and is driven by a purpose focused on people, place and planet. The masterplan proposals comprise around 300 new homes of mixed size, tenure and typology, sensitively embedded within the natural landscape and heritage context. The masterplan takes cognisance of the existing trees, protecting these whilst strengthening the green-blue infrastructure for the long-term benefit of existing and future residents. It will open up parkland for the community as well as enhancing the site’s biodiversity, promoting active travel and increasing well-being opportunities for all, within a well-connected neighbourhood rooted in The Crichton Quarter. With flexibility at the core, this masterplan aims to address the housing needs of an intergenerational community, now and in the future. Providing future-focused homes that meets people’s needs, will support people living life in a place for the long term, enabling encounters across generations. A burgeoning community, comprised of a range of households, will boost local amenities and assets, enhancing localism by offering people more choice to stay, travel and live locally. The Ladyfield Masterplan is shaped by policy, driven by need and powered by people.

Reason for nomination

The Ladyfield Masterplan has been borne out of a truly open and engaging design development process led by a visionary client in The Crichton Trust. From inception to masterplan, The Crichton Trust demonstrated a commitment to a collegiate and collaborative multi-agency approach to working with the community, design team and local, national, and regional stakeholders and partners. Working collectively, and with all key partners – including the NHS, Dumfries & Galloway Council, the Scottish Futures Trust, South of Scotland Enterprise, Scotland 5G Connect Centre and South of Scotland Community Housing – we were able to share challenges and opportunities for the masterplan to address local housing need, support inward economic migration and the delivery of sustainable public services, whilst also addressing opportunities to do development differently for the good of existing and new communities within The Crichton Quarter. The Ladyfield Masterplan is a result of the vision and drive of The Crichton Trust and exemplifies the Scottish Government’s new National Planning Framework 4 which embeds sustainability and social justice into all future planning decisions in Scotland. The Crichton Trust have steered an uplifting approach to residential masterplanning, promoting placemaking designed to serve the wellbeing of the people that live in Dumfries now and in future. From the initial briefing The Crichton Trust established a vision for a place planned for people, that would address the climate emergency, social mobility, work, health, and energy. This vision became the driving force behind the masterplan for a sustainable and intergenerational neighbourhood that would improve affordability and choice in the local area, respond to changing social needs, allow people to age in place and foster community by being a place that encourages encounters. The Crichton Trust’s Ladyfield Masterplan, represents a commitment to a refreshing and extraordinary approach, The Crichton Trust want to reinvent the traditional housing development model to focus on the future of people, place and planet, Ladyfield is not a vehicle for short-term profit, it wants to be a model where the benefits will last for generations to come. With a structured 100-year vision, The Crichton Trust want to create an exemplar housing development, that proves the only way to build sustainably is to build for the long-term.



Site Photos Credit – Gordon Burniston Render Credit – Touch 3d (@touch3d_cgi) Physical Model Credit – Twa Dugs Design(