Delivering for Families?

Silver Award


Design for Good


Braw Talent CIC


Save the Children
Joseph Rowntree Foundation


"Delivering for Families?" is a compelling series of animations that shed light on the harsh realities faced by vulnerable children and their parents in Scotland. Braw Talent was commissioned by Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Save the Children to transform a report in response to the Scottish Government's Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan into captivating visual narratives.

Our collaborative efforts with the team aimed to convey the report's key findings and stories in three crucial areas: childcare, benefits, and the cost of living crisis. Our goal was to resonate with individuals experiencing these hardships while evoking an emotional response and fostering a desire for change among policy makers and the general public. 

Stop motion animation as a medium enabled us to create scripts that encapsulated many stories and characters, respecting the anonymity of participating parents while granting them a sense of ownership. By using recycled materials and papers, we took a tactile approach that added a human and personal touch, heightening the vulnerability of the characters. We invited participating families to provide voiceovers for the film, further emphasising that these narratives belong to real people within our communities.

"Delivering for Families?" offers practical and immediate solutions to support parents and their families. A national PR campaign was launched alongside the report and animations to raise public awareness and capture the attention of Scotland's policy makers. This ensured that the report's recommendations and the voices of Scotland's most vulnerable parents and children would not be overlooked.