Social Security Scotland – ‘Balance’ TV & Online Films



Animation Design


Eyebolls Ltd
The Union


The Union
Social Security Scotland


The Union agency approached us to create a warm, engaging animated campaign (1 x TVC and 4 x online films). The idea was to create films that showed a balance of budgets and that SS Scotland are there to make the balancing act of family & finance easier. In turn, allowing families to focus on what matters. Through individual, topical films we maximised budget and awareness of the message, ensuring that families were aware of support along every step of the way – from pregnancy up until their child started school. Each film shows illustrated items start to tumble from the top of the screen. Nappies, school equipment and uniform etc. They land on top of each other - creating a comically tall pile which teeters from side to side. A helping hand comes in and stabilises it. Each individual film has a slightly different colour palette and items but all fit within the same world. The assets designed and created for the animated films were also to be used within the digital and print campaigns - creating an integrated and multi channel campaign. The style is eye-catching, friendly & engaging. Creative by The Union. Production handled by Eyebolls. Directed, designed and animated by Veronyka Jelinek.