Gold Award



Direct link: https://vimeo.com/808710218/343b8e340b


Animation Design




Lee Kum Kee


The creative agency Media Bounty invited us to collaborate on this project to create a short animated film that briefly opens and closes with live action shots. The brief was simple: promote four sauces for our client Lee Kum Kee in time for Chinese New Year and create different food landscapes inspired by Chinese culture. Our team loved the idea and immediately set to work creating four unique foodscapes each inspired by a different aspect of Chinese culture, our client’s history, and creative ideas we wanted to pursue. Deciding to change the illustration and animation style for each sauce was the first part of our creative direction; the second was to create landscapes that represented each food and sauce all tied together under the theme of Chinese New Year. We follow our protagonist take her first bite in live action, and then watch as she is transported into an animated wonderland. From cyberpunk Hong Kong to a landscape inspired by traditional ink paintings, our goal here was to ensure our audience felt inspired to try these sauces out for themselves. It was important for us and our client that each foodscape felt completely different while still being grounded in a coherent film from start to finish. This meant we needed to have clear storyboards and a small team that was able to consistently collaborate from start to finish. The end result is one of our finest pieces of work and one of our favourite projects from the last year.