Citadelle Gin Experience

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One of the most powerful aspects of visualisation is the tendency to invoke nostalgia. It can fire up your curiosity, leaving you longing for a time or place that doesn’t exist yet… taking you back to that one idyllic day against the backdrop of a cognac sky; the sound of the south-west coast carried in on the evening breeze, and the fragrance of lemon zest, juniper, coriander and angelica root on your palette as you share a Gin with someone you used to know. Château de Bonbonnet is an iconic distillery situated in Cognac, in the heart of the Charente region of France. Shaped by its rich history, natural beauty and culinary heritage, the people of Charente are known for their warm hospitality and relaxed lifestyle in a place where the pace of life is different. Maison Ferrand’s aspirations to evolve their new Citadelle Gin Welcome Space and Botanical Experience carried with it a responsibility to visualise something truly beautiful, capturing every aspect of their brand, knowledge, creativity, history, and personality. This was made somewhat easier due to the invigorating talents of the Contagious design team, whom we collaborated closely with to capture their vision for Maison Ferrand down to the smallest details. We knew we had to portray a sense of place authentically, so we studied the typical lighting of the region extensively and composed each shot to capture the communal ‘joie de vivre’ of the location, visually re-uniting the brand roots of the Southwest coast with the rich texture and character of the brand family home. From unique moments within the bar space and exterior terrace, to detailed studies of bottle displays and botanicals, we helped them build a personal picture and understanding of the arrival and welcome experience for Maison Ferrand, who were delighted with the outcome. However, this wasn’t an exercise in visualising space or even light, it was an exercise in visualising senses. The fragrance of herbs, citrus and rich botanicals against the summer warmth and refreshing coastal breeze, and expressing the playfulness of a brand which prides itself on combining home grown ingredients with a pioneering sense of innovation and the pursuit of perfection. It was about showing what it means to come together in a world class destination, steeped in character and history, that seeks to celebrate not just 150 years of family heritage and method, but 150 more. Nous Sommes Une Famille.