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Products of Mind is a collaboration project initiatged by Time Machine + Folks. We design and collaborate with businesses that share the mission of bringing purpose and having a positive impact within society. By creating meaningful products that spark discussion, we are able to bring crucial societal concerns to light. The vision is simple - create good to do good. Introducing edition 001 - Products of Mind: Moonlight, a limited edition and experimental collaboration between Time Machine + Folks and HOLOS kombucha. A mysterious full-dark bottle gives a deep philosophical context of Taoism and Zen-inspired aesthetics that will spark enquiry, thought, and positive feelings in the audiences it touches, inspired by Kombucha’s eastern origins. Based on the price point of the product and the sustainability consideration, we used a simple, yet effective, sanded paper texture and silver metallic printing to create a sleek, futuristic look, feel, and touch that brings a universe of gut love, culture, and imagination to life with the ambition of getting kindness across to the drinkers that sync with the ethos of the two collaborated companies to do good in this world.


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