Leonie Hiller




Direct link: https://vimeo.com/522613340


Young Designer of the Year



Having gained an apprenticeship in photography, as well as studying Communication Design at the Glasgow School of Art, it has allowed me to develop a multidisciplinary practice and distinct view on projects and creative processes. From brief-led to self-initiated, I explore design a lot through research-driven methodologies, which focus on the belief to design with a purpose. My ultimate goal is to make issues accessible to a broad audience through person-centered design whilst building experience across various projects which offer different challenges in addressing the public, from a visual identity and spatial design for the Work In Progress and Degree Show of my year at the Glasgow School of Art to a speculative design project, titled 'Outwith Radio' - a project that develops a means by which the public could engage with the broad range of Scottish design, from a historical and contemporary perspective. My process goes beyond the visual to consider the impact of design thinking on our daily lives, and with that in mind, I hope to be able to advance my career towards designing for the common good, addressing issues of ecology, environment and culture. These themes have accompanied me throughout my studies, which is why my degree show work dealt with the impact of marketing and its language on the domestic and the role of the woman in former and contemporary times. They also influence and contribute to my work with Pim-Pam, in particular the creation of a new visual identity for Juju. Bringing my knowledge to the project by creating a strong graphic element, and adapting existing photography to form a new coherent and eye-catching brand identity, it enabled Juju to present their craft in a new light.

Reason for nomination

Leonie started her creative career as a photographer in Germany and joined Pim-Pam at the start of 2023 after graduating from the Glasgow School of Art’s Visual Communication course. As a studio over the years we’ve tended to have a small core team in place, and anyone who comes in and out of our team has the opportunity to make their own impact and establish themselves on projects and in the working environment. Leonie has done that and more. As a recent graduate, she’s been handed some large responsibilities on projects, both short term and long term with our clients. Taking the lead in running them while bringing in her strong design and branding background, as well as ideas and direction to the work. From brand identity projects and print design, to larger ongoing spacial design work and art directed projects — she’s been proving herself time and time again as a highly talented creative with a no doubt incredible future. Not just design, but a photography background, Leonie is able to contribute massively to many of our film and photography projects while working with our clients directly, as well as our trusted film-makers, photographers, printers and suppliers. From local Scottish based clients to our international accounts, Leonie’s abilities to adjust to different brands, requirements and briefs makes her not just a highly skilled designer, but a key part of the Pim-Pam team across all areas.