Tintin Lindkvist Nielsen




Young Designer of the Year



With bold colours and characters, I like to create worlds that look like ours whilst also being different. I work cross-disciplinary within the field of visual communication and storytelling. Since graduating from The Glasgow School of Art in the summer of 2022, I have worked on multiple commissions, held different printing technique workshops as well as working at Glasgow-based Design studio Pim-Pam. My work is often connected to feelings. One of my favorite projects is my children's book 'Lollipop Tuesday'. I am an observer and a lot of my projects start in my sketchbook. I get inspired by my surroundings, people, and environments. The book is influenced by my own experiences as well as an interview with a corner shop owner. In 'Lollipop Tuesday' the main character, who is the owner of a corner shop, deals with feelings such as not feeling good enough at their job. The book concludes with the protagonist realising that it is okay to ask for help. The illustrations are painted using acrylic gouache and scanned and edited digitally. I was thrilled when 'Lollipop Tuesday' got selected for the DPictus Unpublished Picturebook Showcase 2022 and was displayed at the Bologna Children's Book Fair 2023 in Italy.

Reason for nomination

Tintin joined Pim-Pam in 2022 as a recent graduate from the Glasgow School of Art and immediately it was clear how talented she was across design, illustration and overall visual communication. Variety is a key part of creative development as a studio, and we’ve always believed in surrounding ourselves with multi-skilled people from different backgrounds and disciplines. Someone like Tintin can create something out of nothin, bring a fresh perspective to a project and develop an idea or approach to a project that it’s hard to have imagined before seeing her working on it. Personality, character and colour always shine through in her work, and she’s been a perfect fit in our studio and with our client base. Leading on projects, she’s been able to take ownership across a variety of client materials. Her ability to research styles and backgrounds before starting projects then adapt her own take on them delivers a real considered and unique perspective on her work. Tintin is definitely made for big things in her creative career, and her personal projects prove that outside of her contributions to projects at Pim-Pam.