Client of the Year - Design

Bature Brewery

Gold Award

Pim-Pam and Bature Brewery have forged a strong partnership that is centred around creativity, culture, and craft beer innovation. Bature Brewery are the first craft brewery in Nigeria and pioneers of their trade in West Africa. With a deep connection to the vibrant art and music scene in Lagos, Bature Brewery brings the craft beer movement to a completely new audience – powered from their taproom bar and brewery on Victoria Island. A creative partnership that not only creates interesting and […]

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Jurni Leasing – Client of The Year

Silver Award

Jurni is an example of a successful collaboration between an agency and a client that embraced change, trusted the process and challenged the status quo. The client, Bridle Leasing, desired a comprehensive transformation rather than a superficial makeover, which made them an ideal partner for NineNineNine, who specialises in helping challengers become champions. Right from the beginning, the Jurni leadership team showed a willingness to embrace wholesale change by participating in a remote deep-dive brand workshop that laid the foundation […]

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