Founded in Vila-real, Spain in 1973, PORCELANOSA established itself in the UK in the early 1980’s and has had a strong presence ever since. With 50 years’ experience, the Group subsists in 150 countries worldwide, an achievement that is attributable to its unique business model.

Porcelanosa Group has a fascinating heritage starting in the early 70’s as a ceramic manufacturer and distributor in Vila-real (Spain). Today where they are known worldwide for their broad range of design and quality led products for the home. Their range now includes kitchens and bathrooms, many of which have been designed by architects and designers and are extraordinarily iconic.

The Group is a major reference in both the Spanish and the International market. Its consolidated position has been built up on values such as innovation and quality, but specially the trust placed in its large human capital, made up of almost 5000 skilled professionals, and its concern for its stakeholders and the environment.

The care and conservation of the environment has always been one of the PORCELANOSA Group’s major concerns. Sustaining our lifestyle and the crucial environmental balance that this implies requires specific policies and tangible actions. PORCELANOSA Group has always been well ahead of market trends in this area, and for more than 40 years has been implementing improvements to its production systems, aimed at minimising their impact on the environment.

PORCELANOSA Group environmental strategy goes far beyond the optimisation of production systems; indeed, our efforts are also centred on the design of products that contribute to the reduction of water and energy consumption in the home. Examples of this include taps that limit the water flow or building solutions that allow for energy savings in their heating systems.

Butech by Porcelanosa, which specialises in construction systems and technical consultancy, has developed finished modules for façades and bathrooms that reduce construction times by up to 50% with the guarantee of the PORCELANOSA Group. A series of modular structures ranging from completed façades (Modfaçades) to industrialised bathrooms (Monobath).

Digitalisation and service diversification are two of the main areas that will determine the future of the property market. Among the advantages of prefabricated systems we would mention the rapid production and installation of each structure, the high quality of the materials (examined by the manufacturer), the possibility of customising each project with different designs, greater energy efficiency and a reduction in air pollution (reuse of waste and compounds from other processes), the main focus of the ECO CONSCIOUS green programme de PORCELANOSA Group. “Unit-Systems combine industrialised construction with interior design and they are installed by a specialised team of technicians and professionals who closely supervise all stages of the operation.

The bathroom units include all interior finishes, furniture, sanitary ware and accessories, such as plumbing and electricity, all ready for use. Although, The façade modules are supplied completely finished from the factory with the insulation, structure and requested PORCELANOSA wall tile finish. Given the use of guided anchor rails the modular system facilitates assembly and levelling of the pieces, shortening project construction deadlines.