Milon Harman

Head of UX and Accessibility, Pearson

Mils is the Head of UX and Accessibility at Pearson, a global education company dedicated to enhancing every aspect of student’s learning.

With extensive expertise in design and UX, Mils is a leading advocate for thought leadership, strategic and design thinking, colour psychology, research, accessibility, and inclusive design. She helps to empower designers, researchers, and accessibility experts to elevate their practices, enhancing usability and accessibility across all digital platforms, on screen and paper-based examinations, whilst fostering a collaborative environment and culture for the team to strive to produce exceptional work.

Mils has previously delivered captivating digital work for Tes, Emap, WarnerMedia, Hostelworld Group, and Maple Syrup Media. Additionally, Mils harbours a passion for architecture and interior design, having completed an interior design module focused on residential real estate with the University of Arts London.