Raffaele Esposito

City Design Manager, Glasgow City Council

Architect and urban designer, Raffaele is a tenacious problem solver, keen mediator and a sensitive designer.

Traditionally trained in Italy where he gained his degree in 1996, Raff has worked internationally designing buildings, places, spaces and experiences, shaping economic dynamics and political responses. His focus is on the social and environmental responsibilities of any architectural gesture, no matter the scale and nature of the challenge or opportunity.

Over the past 30 years Raff has expanded his field of action. This has included organising international design competitions, working with the EU to create pilot projects for the sustainable development of marginalised areas, helping university students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the complexities that define architectural responses, and exploring co-creation as a resilient place-making tool.

His constant exposure to highly creative, culturally diverse and multidisciplinary environments has allowed Raff to explore design as an open process of ideas and people, aimed at balancing effectiveness, resiliency and beauty.

After years working in the private sector, he has been working in public service with Glasgow City Council since 2012, leading on the design of strategic public places, infrastructures and major regenerative masterplans, whilst advising the planning department on architecture, urbanism and urban design related matters. Raff is also chair of the Glasgow Urban Design Panel.