Stuart Petri

Vice President of 2D/UI Design, Rockstar North

Stuart Petri is Vice President of 2D/UI Design at Rockstar North in Edinburgh where he directs a talented team of multi-disciplinary creatives.

Stu has always had an interest in making art interactive, and in using humour to connect an audience to it; his first project after graduating from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in 1997 was making interactive touch screens for Glasgow nightclubs. These fun interactive games won him a Scottish Design Award at the age of 23, setting the tone for a career that has spanned 18 game titles (and counting) at Rockstar Games.

Stu joined Rockstar Games in 2001, initially working on the company websites. He then moved into developing in-game UI and 2D visuals, subsequently building a team to help with branding Rockstar worlds – creating the fictional businesses and media that add unparalleled layers of life and depth to Rockstar’s immersive digital spaces.

The previous winner of two Grand Prix Scottish Design Awards, Stu is a champion of craft in the gaming industry. While the team has grown exponentially over the years, Stu fosters a collaborative approach while managing his teams.

“My intent has always been to encourage everyone to bring their unique qualities and talent to the department. Cultivating a creative dialogue and exploration helps reflect the world back through our unique lens and it demands a fiercely collaborative and forensic approach.”