Sophie Currier



Young Designer of the Year



Sophie has been at Touch for five years, leading numerous projects that have made a significant impact on brands across various sectors. Notable collaborations include the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Buzzworks, Dance Base, Buccleuch, the Fruitmarket Gallery, Creative Informatics, and the National Theatre of Scotland amongst many others. Her bold and innovative designs have consistently delivered transformative results for her clients.

Recent projects have earned Sophie recognition, including a silver award at the Scottish Design Awards 2023 for her website design for Dance Base. Her comprehensive overhaul of The Corner House in Kilwinning, covering brand identity, art direction, signage, print, and website design, has earned her logo a feature in Counter-Print's new publication, 'Animal Logos.'

Sophie's design work for the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2022 showcased her ability to create vibrant and impactful assets, setting a new standard for the event. Her collaboration with the National Theatre of Scotland resulted in a refreshing update without a full rebrand, introducing a new, variable typeface and vibrant colour palette that revitalised the theatre's visual identity both off and online.

Sophie's commitment to accessibility in design sets her apart. She meticulously ensures that her designs meet accessibility standards, making them usable and clear for all audiences while still maintaining a vibrant and engaging aesthetic. Her recent work on the website for Quarriers, one of Scotland's leading social care charities, is a prime example of this dedication. Collaborating closely with the client, Sophie crafted a user-friendly, accessible website optimised for various devices. Her meticulous attention to detail, from AAA Accessibility standards to comprehensive design systems, underscores her commitment to inclusivity in design.

Sophie's latest project involves designing a new website for Penicuik Estate (due for launch in summer 2024), aiming to modernise the brand's online presence while preserving its rich history. Focusing on seamless booking and large imagery, Sophie's design enhances the estate's brand awareness and establishes it as a premier destination in Scotland.

Beyond her professional achievements, Sophie has shown dedication to nurturing the next generation of designers. Having Co-hosted The Design Kids in Glasgow (also known as Design Weans) for a year alongside her friends Phoebe and Mook, they created a supportive community for young designers through monthly events, exhibitions, and portfolio reviews. Additionally, Sophie volunteered at the Graphic Design Festival Scotland for four years, solidifying her position as a valued member of the Scottish design community.

Reason for nomination

Sophie is nominated for Young designer of the year 2024 as an incredible designer in the industry. Producing work of someone with far more experience, Sophie is a focused, professional, and creative talent who is much admired in the Scottish design scene. She values inclusivity in her work, and her talent has allowed various groups from diverse audiences to engage with design. Her approach is open, and her talent to create accessible design solutions means that the value of design is shared with a wide range of recipients. She is an excellent example of what a young designer in the industry should be, setting an example to those around her. Martin Naylor, Managing Director, Touch



Alix McIntosh, David N Anderson, Murray Orr