Muirskieth Road

Highly commended



ARCHITECTURE: Affordable Housing


Collective Architecture


Home Group


Collective Architecture was commissioned by Home Group Scotland to design 32 new houses and a children’s home on Glasgow’s south side. The site is located on Muirskeith Road, adjacent to Newlands Conservation area: a leafy neighbourhood with beautiful sandstone villas, generous gardens and greenery.

 Glasgow City Council previously owned the site and an existing 32 bed care home required decommissioning before work started on the new housing. The associated parking and pathways, occupying around a third of the site were also removed. The remainder of the site, arranged as garden space with mature trees, was developed as part of the proposals.

Early consultations were undertaken to look at how to develop the site as sensitively as possible, retaining existing trees and the level of greenery that characterises the site. A concept was developed to pair homes with trees, whether existing or new, in a shared