Angel Gardens




ARCHITECTURE: Future Building or Project


Haus-Collective Ltd


MODA Living


Angel Gardens is a residential-led mixed-use development, located on the northern fringe of Manchester City Centre. It comprises 466 residential apartments with associated resident amenity space and is currently under construction.

Our aspiration was to create a new neighbourhood; an urban residential ‘village’ that would generate and connect public spaces, generating a vibrant residential and commercial environment.  Through an extensive process of design, modelling and testing, a variety of options were considered in order to establish a refined and considered Architectural design response.

Distinctive architectural elements are articulated through a pinwheel plan creating clarity of access for residents and visitors. The ‘front door’ of the development is defined by a three-storey atrium space connected by a perimeter active frontage that is expressed through a colonnade around the development. From distance, the 35-storey residential tower forms an eminent object within the skyline.  Its denser façade in the middle lightens to a crown to the top, as it touches the sky.

A mix of uses and users, building types and heights, materials and textures, all interact in harmony through a sequence of forms and public realm, creating a vibrant ‘hidden garden’ as we originally envisaged it.