DundasHill Masterplan and Landscape Framework




ARCHITECTURE: Future Building or Project


rankinfraser landscape architecture
HTA Design
Blyth and Blyth Engineers


Scottish Canals
Bigg Regeneration


The regeneration of DundasHill by Scottish Canals and Bigg Regeneration promotes a sustainable approach to the future transformation of the former Diagio distillery site through the commissioning of a development masterplan and the advance implementation of a landscape infrastructure framework. Taken together the masterplan and landscape framework will structure the future development of up to 620 homes, embedding the creation of distinctive places and a resilient landscape at the heart of the new neighbourhood.   The masterplanning exercise involved rigorous examination of site character leading to the definition of six platforms, supported by a design guide. The guide included detailed guidance on building and street typologies, relationships to public and private open space, site permeability and views. The green infrastructure includes: a network of new public spaces; an innovative SUDS network; a new ‘canal’ that plays a key role in managing the surface water drainage via smart technology; an extensive framework of woodland planting to improve micro-climate; reshaped landform to create a series of useable amenity spaces incorporation of several remnants of the industrial history.  The project demonstrates an innovative approach to the future development of urban brownfield land and anticipates the challenges to urban living posed by climate change.