Whitehorn Hall








University of St Andrews and Campus Living Villages (CLV) Joint Venture


Whitehorn Hall lies within the grounds of the existing category B Listed University Hall Old Wing, on a highly constrained site within the Hepburn Gardens Conservation Area. 

The existing hall has a very specific character and the design of the new annexe set out to be sympathetic and reinforce this. HLM’s design principal was to create a series of collegiate style quads sympathetic to the scale and massing of Old Wing picking up, where appropriate, on the qualities and features of the existing listed structure.

A series of 4 storey perimeter accommodation blocks encompass the new quads with a centrally located 3 storey block housing shared common and social facilities over the lower 2 levels. Named after Katharine Whitehorn, British journalist, writer and columnist and first female Rector of the University, the new hall provides a range of 184 modern student bedrooms, both en-suite and standard rooms with shared bathrooms delivered alongside high quality interactive social and common spaces.

The colour palette is intended to be sympathetic to the colour and tone of the adjacent sandstone buildings. This is further accentuated by the use of solid masonry and polished concrete.