Muirhead – Fine Scottish Leather




DESIGN CRAFT: Craft - Incorporating: Photography, Typography, Illustration, Copywriting






Brand Story Photography

With ethical practice at the heart of the business, Muirhead is unique in that it has complete control of its vertically integrated supply chain. Owning all of the processes, from the abattoir to delivery, this is a key differentiator for their global, high profile customers.

Sourcing their hides from within a 300 miles radius (the hides are a by-product of the meat industry which Muirhead save from landfill), Muirhead's 15-year commitment to reducing waste within their process is evidenced by a multi-million-pound investment in an onsite Thermal Energy Plant. Together with a private water supply from their own loch, and a focus on developing a circular economy model, Muirhead can underpin their brand story with a credible, sector-leading sustainability message which is becoming ever more important to their big brand-name customers.

Defining this vertical supply story is implicit to the brand USP and the photography is used to capture the sensory experience of the product and the skilled hands that go into the creation of this fine Scottish leather.