What’s Going On Now?




GRAPHIC: Corporate Literature/Annual Report


Fourtwentyseven Design


The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland


Drawing on a range of data on music education, on the evidence of a suite of specially-designed surveys, and on three detailed case studies, What’s Going On Now? offers an assessment of music education and youth music-making, identifying the key issues that emerge from the data and proposing a number of recommendations to tackle the inequalities in music education, change perceptions of music and its purpose, nurture music in schools, and facilitate new experiences and opportunities.

Our design concept was heavily based around the clients’ corporate typographic style and was coupled with the colour palette to answer the brief in a way that sets the publication apart while at the same time maintaining the brand style. 

The brief stated that the publication have a strong point of difference and sense of individuality. This was important for the client as they wished to stand out not from similar publications produced and more importantly from the original research report which was produced in 2004.

The layout is anchored on a strong grid system which provided consistency but also flexibility to allow the images and information to have maximum impact.