Jacob’s Ladder restoration project

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Edinburgh World Heritage
City of Edinburgh Council (Street Lighting Department)
Edinburgh World Heritage
City of Edinburgh Council (South East Locality Office)
New Waverley Fund


City of Edinburgh Council


Jacob’s Ladder restoration project, a partnership between Edinburgh World Heritage and the City of Edinburgh Council with support from the New Waverley Fund. This historic route between Waverley Valley and Calton Hill is a steep stairway which has been completely rejuvenated by cleaning off extensive graffiti, removing vegetation to stabilise sandstone rubble walls and repointing them with lime mortar, and then installing a new LED handrail system.  This sensitively designed lighting allows the pathway to be used in winter and in the evening for the first time. Our past projects show that increased perceptions of safety and security encourages higher footfall which in turn discourages anti-social behaviour. We have also seen that where funding has been invested in improving the appearance and condition of a neglected place, the place is more likely to be respected, thereby making it easier to manage and maintain in future. The local residential community and visitors alike will benefit from the enhancement of this vital link that connects the Old Town of Edinburgh to the New Town and encourages greater exploration of the World Heritage Site. The project also provided a useful training opportunity for the apprentice stonemasons from St Mary's Cathedral Workshop.