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Mr + Mrs Manson


PURPOSETo create a contemporary simplistic property which respected its surroundings as well as retain a visibly active streetfront.BRIEFTo create a light + spacious dwelling “on the footprint of a garage”, that gave total privacy in the centre of a busy town. The site is physically restrictive as well as needing to be respective of its Victorian Surroundings. Following detailed analysis the final “active corner” design was preferred as it both maintained a formal streetscape along with private garden/access.The concept to flip the living spaces with 2 bedrooms at ground floor accessed from a multi purpose hall, stairwell + utility space (2nd Kitchen) + a simple accessible Shower Room, all areas are provided with natural light + raised ceilings. All flowing into the private garden + “pend” access.The upper floor formed from a single skin timber frame to maximise space, is accessed from the open stairwell to the vaulted Kitchen, Dining + Lounge space, opening up further to a small terrace (stepped back to the adjacent building line).Hot Water is provided from a small electric boiler, ceiling mounted infrared heating panels to maximise wallspace, all supplemented by PV solar panels.The materials palette is very simple + honest, scraped render + Scottish larch break up the main elevations reducing the impact of height on a small property, all rainwater goods are recessed into the head of the cladding + downpipes hidden removing intrusions onto the footpath forming clean simplistic lines .The gable facing the listed building has been designed with a simple indented zinc panel/window, forming a modern take on the ecclesiastical windows of 2 nearby churches, the original building form of an angled corner weighed heavily on the design with this retained at  ground floor + a contemporary overhang at 1st floor replicating the original buildings.The traditional pend access to the rear maintained an active streetfront along with providing a private entrance to the building.LOCATIONThe site is located adjacent to the significant Grade B listed Victoria Valls + its gardens, set within the centre of the town.SITE CHARACTERISTICSThe site is on a prominent active corner, it has a dual aspect onto both public roads, formerly it was occupied by 3 small terraced shops formed to suit the street pattern. This weighed heavily on the design with items such as retaining the angled corner, heights + pitches.COST£185,000