Glasgow International 2020



DESIGN CRAFT: Craft - Incorporating: Photography, Typography, Illustration, Copywriting


Cause & Effect


Glasgow International


We first established the Glasgow International identity in 2018 which prominently featured the typeface Lacuna by GSA alumni Imogen Ayres. This time round we developed the identity in collaboration with Gabriella Marcella of Risotto Studio. Her striking, bold and playful abstract illustration work was the perfect fit.

Once the colour palette was defined we tasked Gabriella with creating nine unique graphic tiles. Chopping, scaling, flipping and rotating the tiles gives us infinite random options with no two brand touchpoints ever being the same. The visual approach underpins the 2020 festival theme of Attention and rather than repurpose artist works and show them out of context the new identity almost becomes a piece of visual art in itself. For locals and visitors to the city it’s a welcome distraction to the endless visual landfill from social media and news feeds.