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Here Design


We were appointed by London-based design agency Here to produce CGI for their luxury rebrand of the Glenfiddich core range. 

Produced in Speyside, Glenfiddich has become one of the most iconic brands in the world of single malt whiskies, Here design agency reimagined Glenfiddich’s product imagery, while aiming to respect their past and define their future ambitions. Here modernised the brand’s bottle structure refining its triangular profile and adding a clearly-define V-shaped cut into the glass surface. This acts to frame the iconic stag emblem and symbolise the valley represented by the brand name. They also redesigned the labelling and secondary packaging balancing clean and crisp modern lines with more traditional malt whisky cues. The rebrand succeeds in representing Glenfiddich’s authentic heritage while highlights its maverick spirit and forward-thinking ambitions. 

As part of our brief, we produced packshot renders of the 12- and 15-year-old malt whiskies produced by Glenfiddich. We created photorealistic computer-generated 3D visuals of the redesigned bottles and secondary packaging for use on the Glenfiddich website. We also created a series of rendered images, complete with atmospheric lighting, for the PR launch of the rebrand campaign. Our 3D product visualisation acts as the perfect tool to illustrate Glenfiddich’s updated bottle and packaging by highlighting features such as the modernised bottle profile, V-shaped engraving and redesign label.