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YourHAUS is a developing concept by HAUS Collective that has manifested itself through the interrogation of experiences shared within their studio team relative to how we have all, at different stages in life, experienced 'home'.

Whether it be our architectural assessment of ‘home’, childhood experiences, home ownership, customer experience, the good, the bad, the unforgettable…..

The common desire is for choice.

We were tasked with creating a short animation to show a typical example of the new YourHAUS concept.

We took this a little further by creating our animation with a mix of VR and Real-Time cinematics. Our agreed goal was to create a feeling of arriving home. From driving to your front door, to having a relaxing coffee on the 2nd floor terrace.

This allowed us to create both an animation, and a VR experience. The experience enables the user to navigate every corner of the development thus gaining a true understanding of the space.