COCO – Origin Colombia



DIGITAL MEDIA: Moving Imagery Design/Animation Design


Freytag Anderson


COCO Chocolatier


COCO - Origin Colombia: 8 days, 1000km, in search of art and chocolate.We journey across Colombia with COCO Chocolatier, producing 5 short films tracing the origin of their chocolate.Essentially a 1000km road trip, we created 5 short films capturing the journey of COCO’s chocolate across Colombia. We work with owner Calum Haggerty to explore the relationship between art and chocolate, both of which are central to the brand. Starting in Colombia’s capital, Bogota, at an altitude of over 8,500 feet, this chaotic mash-up of a city is a visual feast. We visit COCO’s bean-store, meet street-artists and get lost in terrifying traffic. From here we follow the route north, visiting Medellin and onwards to the plantations and Caribbean coast.COCO are passionate about chocolate and take great care sourcing their cacao. They begin making their chocolate at origin. As a result, more wealth remains within developing economies. We worked with them to tell this story so that consumers can make informed choices about buying their chocolate.