Innerpeffray Library




Experiential - Incorporating: audiovisual, graphic and object-based displays




Innerpeffray Library


The Library of Innerpeffray is the oldest public lending library in Scotland. A walking trail has been developed in order to allow visitors to visit the grounds and learn more about this site. As a part of this we developed a series of interpretation points which lead visitors through the history of the place from the ice age through Roman times to the present day. A series of cast stone boulders, books and Roman tablets start the journey describing the history. Following on from these are corten steel sculptural elements which emerge from the landscape and take flight. These are finished with vitreous enamel pages within these to tell the story of the emergence of the library and its place in the heritage of the area using engravings and illustrations from the stunning collection. As well as the interpretation points a 'flying books' sculpture acts as way finding to help to guide visitors to the entrance of the Library.

All the interpretation has been designed to to weather over time and to complement the surrounding environment. The units also feature silouhettes of animals to engage younger audiences in a nature trail around the site.

Stage two of the project is now underway and due for completion in 2021.