Thoughtwell Christmas Promotion




GRAPHIC: Direct Mail (Print and Digital)






We were approached by Thoughtwell, a print management company based in Edinburgh to create a ‘Festive Promotion’. We set out to produce more than a typical Christmas card. Thoughtwell’s audience are primarily creative agencies and so it was important to reflect their capabilities. And ultimately we wanted to give the agencies something that they would keep long after the festive period. We took inspiration from the 12 days of Christmas song and had 5 gold 'gingerbread' rings created by a local baker. Gingerbread is synonymous with Christmas. We also designed the packaging to reflect the best of patisserie packaging. Ultimately giving people a box of gingerbread rings to share with family, friends and neighbours. Christmas can be an especially lonely period for those who don’t have loved ones around. Statistics show that half a million older people in the UK expect to feel lonely at Christmas. Age Scotland research uncovered that more than 100,000 older people would eat Christmas dinner alone in 2019. So how can we help? A simple way to reach out to someone who is lacking in human contact is to have a friendly conversation. We encourage the recipients to give someone a ring.