Light of Leith Orchestra




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Light of Leith Orchestra


A message of hope and optimism to the world, from Leith.

Recorded music has become a commodity product, easily accessed at the click of a button. The Light of Leith Orchestra challenges this through “Transmission 1”, a one-off composition intended to capture an uncorrupted snapshot of time and place.Pressed onto an extremely limited edition run of fifteen 12” clear vinyl records, the piece of music will be broadcast in a truly ‘ambient’ manner: only in and around the vicinity of Leith. The sleeve is a screen-printed manifestation of the music, portraying an atmospheric journey from darkness to optimistic light by using photoluminescent glow-in-the-dark ink to symbolically bring light to life through the design.Light of Leith Orchestra are Rob Petrie and George Gunn. Production by David McAulay / Mastering by Taylor Deupree.