GRAPHIC: Item of Self Promotion


Form Digital


Grant Anderson


In March this year, the world came to a stand-still. With a global pandemic taking over our lives in every way, shape and form imaginable, many Scottish people have struggled. We wanted to remind them that this time will pass, to bring communities together, and to encourage people to stay at home to save lives. So Grant Anderson, Form Digital and Need came together to form the #ScotlandWillWait poster campaign.


We're lucky enough to be in one of the world's most beautiful nations during a global pandemic – it's natural to miss exploring it. Thankfully, we're in no rush. Scotland's wild and stunning landscapes will wait for us, while we stay home to protect its people.


To brighten quarantined days with a bit of hope, optimism and positivity, the campaign uses wildlife imagery from Dundee based photographer Grant Anderson, was designed by Form Digital in Aberdeen, was written by Need in Glasgow.


The campaign was live on digital billboards across Scotland during May. To accompany this, we set up an Instagram account encouraging the people of Scotland to share images of their favourite places to explore, and tell us a short story about it. 

The hashtag #ScotlandWillWait was used over 500 times in two weeks, with submissions also being sent to our Instagram account. We're hoping to continue the movement beyond lockdown - and perhaps through the next lockdown (!) - and create something tangible at the end of it all.