GRAPHIC: Print design




The Glasgow School of Art


To maintain their globally renowned reputation, high quality recruitment is key to the commercial success of the Glasgow School of Art. GSA has the highest level of competition for places of any of Scotland's Higher Education establishments and it is essential that they continue to attract the best, most talented students; and that those students make GSA their first choice.
This, coupled with the devastation of a second fire which almost destroyed the Macintosh building, and subsequent displacement of students, underpinned the strategy for the most recent recruitment campaign.
At the heart of the recruitment annually is a print based book. This is the GSA's 'prospectus' but in reality is a 'look book' designed to capture the unique experience of living and studying at an art school in Glasgow.
Our design for The Glasgow School of Art  Edition 2020 focuses on GSA’s Creative Network. Edition celebrates GSA’s global community of makers and creative professionals by featuring their stories in sidebars throughout the magazine.
We employed an exposed thread-sewn binding with a cut-down Swiss-bound cover in GF Smith’s Colorplan Candy Pink, exposing hints of the artwork within. This gives physical form to the idea that creativity (the artwork) is enabled through craft (the exposed binding) and supported by the art school (the wraparound cover).