Morrison Scotch Whisky Distillers



DESIGN CRAFT: Craft - Incorporating: Photography, Typography, Illustration, Copywriting




Morrison Scotch Whisky Distillers


Morrison Scotch Whisky Distillers is solely owned and operated by one of Scotland’s most prominent whisky families, Jamie and Brian Morrison.Their legacy reaches back to the 19th century when they started out as grocers but have since grown into whisky brokers, blenders, bottlers and of course, distillers. With over five generations involved in the whisky business, they are one of the oldest whisky families. The company rebranded in late 2020 and Stckmn was approached by the MSWD team to design a brochure that would tell their story, communicate their core values, and act as an introduction to their new portfolio of whiskies.A company steeped in history and legacy it was clear that the design style should convey and celebrate this. The idea was for the design to reflect an antique book or family album, snippets of information surrounded by a scattering of imagery to visually paint the picture for the reader. Borrowing inspiration from transfer books and documents found at the distillery, key visual elements such as gold foiling and dust covers became core parts of the printed piece.The design features a forest green pebble embossed front cover providing a textured feeling reminiscent of running your hand over dried barley. A gold coloured foil debossed motif is printed front and centre, with matching gold staples, echoing the blonde barley fields and rich copper whisky tones. Opening the cover reveals a semi-transparent dust sheet proudly displaying the heritage story, the protective sheet guarding not only the pages within but giving a glimpse as to what’s to come. With a prominent amount of imagery used, the inner page paper choice had to allow for a deep rich ink to be applied but still retain a visible, natural-like, uncoated texture to reflect an antique, aged feel.The work was shared with MSWD's family of distributors to introduce the brand and welcome them to the Morrison team.