King’s Cairn, Archerfield




DIGITAL MEDIA: Visualisation


Touch3D Media


Brown & Brown Architects


Earlier this year we were approached by Brown & Brown Architects to create a set of CGI visuals for a new residential property on a plot in King's Cairn, Archerfield, East Lothian.

Working closely with the architects, we produced interior and exterior CGI visuals which were used to communicate the details of the proposed design to the client, giving them a clear vision of how their new home will look a few years before the proposed completion date. The visuals were also included as part of the client’s application to help gain planning permission.

The final compositions reflected the importance of specific areas to the client and architect. The house was intentionally designed to have an unassuming and understated entrance, keeping the large internal spaces and courtyard that lay within slightly more hidden. The main living space, encompassing the kitchen, living and dining area, is a bright and spacious open plan room with floor to ceiling glass, a rolled zinc pitched roof and wood-clad interior. Planned to be the heart of the home, we wanted to make this space look relaxing, warm and welcoming.

All aspects of the CGI visuals were created using 3D assets/geometry. Due to the close proximity of the boundary trees and wider context, we wanted control of all elements that would interact in terms of lighting and reflections. The interaction of sunlight, shadow and luminaires became the main focus and challenge in this project. Environmental lighting was created using HDRI (high dynamic range imagery) developed by Touch3D to accurately recreate the time of day and location to enhance the atmosphere. Final post production was relatively minimal, with only a slight tweaking of colour, exposure and atmospherics to highlight the beauty of this understated contemporary home.