Mac-Talla Whisky – Hero Visuals



DIGITAL MEDIA: Visualisation




Morrison Scotch Whisky Distillers


Mac-Talla is a range of whiskies produced by Morrison Scotch Whisky Distillers. With three core expressions in the range Stckmn was appointed to create hero imagery that would communicate the brand statement to 'take you on a taste journey across the island of Islay.'    The concept was to transport the consumer to the environments found on the island, as if being a visitor for the day. From the wild grass and rolling hills of the morning peat dig (Terra), to an afternoon on the wild untamed shores (Mara) and finally seeing out the last of the daylight on the weather-beaten rocks (Strata). Each scene a digital diorama depicting the elements that help shape each whiskies flavour. Taking inspiration from the etched illustrations on each label, a photo-realistic version of each environment was created putting the bottle at the heart of ‘Islay'. With so many elements to each shot and no control over location or weather, the route of traditional photography to capture the image would not have been possible. Using the technique of composite photography, stock imagery and bottle renders provided by MSWD were digitally combined to create each unique scene, allowing control over every aspect that would make up the image. Tonal values and colour grading helped convey the time of day and mirrored the colour of each bottle label within the scene. Over 200 individual layers were produced to create the three unique landscapes.