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The Kitchen Depot


We were approached by the Kitchen Depot Glasgow and commissioned to produce CGI visuals to support the launch of their new high end brand, LINEA.

The Kitchen Depot’s new range of bespoke LINEA products are to be manufactured in their Glasgow factory and tailor made to client’s specifications and the highest quality. As well as their kitchens, The Kitchen Depot were also introducing newly designed furniture pieces to compliment the kitchens they were showcasing and branch out to other areas. The visuals we were tasked with producing had to reflect the high quality, high end aesthetic while also combining multiple use spaces as a vehicle for advertising kitchens alongside the individual furniture pieces. Working in collaboration with the design team at the kitchen depot we created 5 custom kitchen environments and 1 bedroom each displaying different styles and finishes to highlight the breadth of choice and quality on offer with the new line of LINEA.

Each environment was created as a 3D digital set that we could use to stage compelling and beautiful photographic style shots of the products, the hardest part was narrowing down which shots we felt elevated and communicated the spaces, products and materials best from a seller and consumer standpoint. With showrooms difficult to attend due to social distancing we wanted these images to create a window for potential customers to really see what these kitchens could be like in realistic spaces to allow them to make the choices that matter to them.

Finally, we created a short animation to string all of the environments in to one narrative, only showcasing the kitchen environments for spatial consistency. We doubled down on The Kitchen Depot’s established brand of creating premium quality kitchens for a lifetime. With the pandemic raging, animation was the perfect alternative to the usual film route. We tried to evoke a sense of time and place, that each kitchen subtly communicated special moments. Real moments that real people experience. The breakfast rush, a quiet coffee, kids taking over, or some down time on the couch in the evening. Without real actors we conveyed this with the objects left behind, like snapshots in time.

During such a difficult period it was a privilege working so closely with a local family run business that puts so much behind the products they are delivering. We loved helping to shape this in every way.