Little Big Adventures



DIGITAL MEDIA: Moving Imagery Design/Animation Design






Are you ready for a Little Adventure in Scotland?   How do you promote Scotland as a tourist destination in the middle of a global pandemic? During early summer 2020, when the country’s tourism and hospitality industries would normally be thriving, we were instead still in lockdown. Restless families were stuck at home, unsure of where would be safe to explore as restrictions eased.VisitScotland wanted to inspire these families to start planning their next daytrip to accessible locations and turn a local visit into a magical adventure.   Hannah and Jack have been busy daydreaming during lockdown. They’ve been filling their scrapbook with all the exciting places that they ‘JUST CAN’T WAIT’ to see!Using VisitScotland owned photography that covered a full regional spread, we shaped our hero video around what our 2 lively characters would imagine themselves doing in these locations. From giants to rocket ships and beyond, we wanted to capture the child-like excitement of exploring new places. This hero video was shared on VisitScotland’s social channels, along with promotional posts prompting users to watch the full video.