The Macallan Estate



DIGITAL MEDIA: Moving Imagery Design/Animation Design




The Macallan


The Macallan Estate in Speyside is filled with rolling hills, winding rivers and rich, green forests. From the inner workings of the distillery, to the fields of barley that nestle along the side of the River Spey, we created a series of short visual stories to document the idyllic Speyside surroundings that The Macallan have called their home for almost 200 years.A countryside filled with nature and wildlife, we were trusted to explore The Macallan Estate, capturing some of the key elements that make their home so special.From the grass roofscape of the distillery which blends naturally into it’s surroundings — to the undulating timber roof structure on the inside which is combined with the engineering and craftsmanship of production, we had the opportunity to show a different side to how the The Macallan Estate had been captured before. Working with The Macallan to produce a range of unique representations of their beloved estate was an incredible experience that allowed us to show a different side of production to final product as they continue to build their legacy.