Sue Daun


Executive Creative Director

As Interbrand London’s Executive Creative Director Sue is responsible for driving the creative passion, energy and excellence being delivered through the London business. With over 25 years’ experience working with global clients, across all sectors and channels, Sue believes, as creative thinkers, we have a responsibility to play many roles in order to create successful thriving global brands. Creative provocateur, business entrepreneur, consumer advocate, ambassador of ideas & craft and brand guardian, each role playing an important part in delivering on-going, relevant insight, value and opportunities for the consumer to connect with the brand in ways never thought of before. Since Joining Interbrand Sue has developed the creative disciplines and standards of the Interbrand business works closely with brands spanning all channels.

As the role of brand and design changes in businesses today the experience of working across corporate and consumer brands in every channel has enabled Sue to build brands that don’t just grow the brand but build greater more connected experiences with consumers across channels and across the globe. Sue is a strong advocate for Creative Awards to inspire the industry and celebrate great work. And having the opportunity to be part of judging the latest and greatest brand work and judge the work entered into the Scottish Design Awards is a genuine pleasure.