Bridgeton Civic Hub




ARCHITECTURE: Commercial/Office/Hotel Building or Project


Keppie Design Ltd


Clyde Gateway Developments Ltd


Bridgeton Civic Hub, Landressy Street is a new build office pavilion located on a vacant plot in Bridgeton, Glasgow. The site is situated within Bridgeton’s Conservation Area opposite the renowned Glasgow Women’s Library and will become the new headquarters for the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC). The team navigated through unprecedented times while on site throughout 2020 and the project was completed April 2021.

The aim was to achieve a distinctive, architecturally stimulating and innovative design solution. The key requirements were to provide open plan office space for circa 40 employees with supporting administration facilities, kitchen and breakout zones, flexible conference space, a small research library, and a potential sub-tenant space. With the block as existing being almost completely vacant, the site provided the opportunity to re-establish a strong street presence and positively contribute to Landressy Street’s variety.

This relatively small insertion into the existing historical fabric of Bridgeton is, like many inner-city challenges, one of great opportunity yet full of complex and sometimes contradictory considerations. There is a rich historical tradition and community-focused heritage to understand and acknowledge. Despite its place in the wider Bridgeton Conservation area, there has been inevitable fragmentation and erosion of the original Landressy Street edge patterns over a long period of time and new functions must face the conundrum of whether to reinstate or reinterpret these.

The final architectural response was one predicated on how the building may address and positively contribute to Landressy Street’s variety. It does this through a simplicity, a proportionate rhythm and materiality that is entirely in-keeping with our understanding of the contextual considerations.

This project has responded to the needs expressed by both the community in general, who want to see jobs and training opportunities delivered, and also for many existing and start up business in the area. The development removes blight, delivers opportunities and promotes the reputation of the area as one which is not only open for business but attractive and viable as a new location to grow an existing business or relocate to.

This new insertion provides simple, high quality office accommodation for the future of the STUC, together with GWL is the catalyst for the emergence of Bridgeton as a Civic Hub, brings new revenue to the area and attracts both national and international visitors. All one more step towards achieving Clyde Gateway’s mission to regenerate the area.


David Cadzow