A Night on Earth In Scotland



DESIGN CRAFT: Craft - Incorporating: Photography, Typography, Illustration, Copywriting




The Macallan


The Macallan A Night on Earth is a limited edition malt that tells a story of New Year in Scotland, reflecting the joy of celebrating special occasions with loved ones.

This seasonal release is a collaboration between The Macallan and acclaimed illustrator Erica Dorn, whose work has featured in director Wes Anderson’s films.

Pim-Pam developed and directed a suite of content across design, photography and film that celebrated and showcased the festive experience at The Macallan Estate.

To pair with The Macallan A Night on Earth in Scotland, The Macallan Estate Head Chef Pawel Sowa created a unique layered shortbread biscuit. The three flavours used were inspired by the festive Scottish tradition named ‘first footing’.

According to tradition, the ‘first footer’ will carry three things: shortbread, whisky and coal for the fire. Each gift is designed to bring comfort and happiness to your home for the rest of the year. Shortbread is also a prominent flavour in the whisky.

Hogmanay, pronounced “hog·muh·nei”, is Scotland’s renowned New Year’s Eve festivities. We worked with The Macallan to create a variety of materials that bring the spirit of this festive celebration to life.

From imaginative, visual creations for use across global social media channels, to an in depth look at the creation of The Macallan’s perfect pairing the ‘first foot’, we developed a wide range of assets giving this unique release an alternative yet identifiable approach drawing inspiration from the global campaign for A Night on Earth.

Our aim was to create a suite of materials that would celebrate the festive decoration at The Macallan Estate and serve activation of the ‘First Foot’ — continuing to cement The Macallan Estate as a festive destination in Scotland as well as globally to drive visits and share a festive, celebratory message from the brand direct from it’s home.

A key aspect of the project was shooting everything at The Macallan Estate. From the decorations and striking visuals, to the product, serve and preparation of the shortbread, we created a style and direction that could connect all the different aspects of the project.

We wanted to showcase The Macallan Estate in a range of ways and locations that could stand alone, while also connecting with the A Night on Earth global campaign. From exterior to interior we create a library of visuals that could celebrate this location and experience in all its beauty.

A wealth of video assets were created in various orientations to maximise the reach of the campaign across different channels.

These gave an alternative approach to the photography and allowed us to further re-establish its connection to the A Night on Earth global campaign and showcase the festive experience at The Macallan Estate in an engaging way.






Photography: Reuben Paris. Videography: Nura Production / Emile Mbunzama