Limited Edition Bowmore Chinese Mythical Guardians Series




DESIGN CRAFT: Craft - Incorporating: Photography, Typography, Illustration, Copywriting




Beam Suntory


Fenghuang is the second edition of Bowmore’s China Mythical Guardians Series. 
Our brief was to extend the life of the series by developing a new story and design which explores the idea of ‘perfect balance’. Indelibly interwoven with the ancient forces of yin and yang, the mythical Fenghuang is a powerful figure in Chinese legend.
Folklore tells how this mythical creature helped keep the universe perfectly balanced for centuries; a loyal guardian whose protective eye preserved the past for future generations. 
The ‘wrapped’ illustration of the beast encourages interaction with the pack and the stark contrast between the black and white on the diagonal is a graphic representation of yin and yang.
Elaborate foil printing bolsters appeal, particularly within the Chinese market and allows this pack to command a premium price.